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Student Research Projects: M.Sc. Nursing 2018-20 BATCH

Sr. no PRN NO Name of the student Problem Statement Name of the Guide
1 18040242004 Derin Okram "The Effectiveness of Hot Fomentation with Epsom Salt Versus Common Salt on Knee Joint Pain among Elderly in the Selected Old Age Home of Pune city" Dipak Sethi, Ranjana Chavan, Sharadha Ramesh
2 18040242005 Divyank Kalal "The Effectiveness of Information Education Communication (IEC) on Knowledge and Practices Regarding Patient Safety Measure among Nursing Officers in Selected Hospital of Pune City" Dipak Sethi, Ranjana Chavan, Sharadha Ramesh
3 18040242006 Elangbam Anibala Devi "To Evaluate the Knowledge and Practice Regarding Home Care Management among Patient on Hemodialysis with Information Education Communication (IEC) Module in Selected Hospitals of Pune City" Manisha Mistry, Mangesh Jabade
4 18040242011 Dhanamma P Pujari Effectiveness of Selected Yogasanas on Practice of Coping Strategies among Women with Premenopausal Symptoms Residing in Rural area of Pune Seeta Devi, Ranjana Chavan
5 18040242009 Chandbibi Pathan Effectiveness of antenatal IEC Package On Knowledge and Attitude of Antenatal Mother’s Spouses Seeta Devi, Tejashri Ligade
6 18040242012 Shaikh Salim Karim Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Information, Education and communication on Knowledge and Practice regarding MR Vaccination among the Mothers in Selected Slum Areas of Pune City Jasneet Kaur, Mangesh Jabade
7 18040242001 Najama Wahid Beg Effectiveness of Community Education Programme on Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Prevention and Management of Selected Non-Communicable Diseases among Urban Adults in Pune City Sonopant Joshi, Shital Waghmare
8 18040242007 Komal Jain Correlational Study to Assess the Musculoskeletal Quandry with the Bag Carried by Children Studying at Selected School of Pune Sharadha Ramesh, Jasneet Kaur
9 18040242002 Bipasha Sharma Effectiveness of Video Teaching Programme on Knowledge Regarding Impact of Smartphone Dependence on Physical Health, Academics and Behavior among Adolescents Studying in Selected in Junior Colleges Sheetal Barde, Merlin Suji
10 18040242003 Shruti Dabhade Quality of Sleep among the Patients in High Dependency Unit (Hdu)- A Descriptive Study Manisha Mistry, Dipali Dumbre
11 18040242010 Pravesh Shukla "An Exploratory Study on Opinion of Tracking System For Patient With Dementia among Mental Health Team Member of Pune City" Sheela Upendra , Sharadha Ramesh