Note:- No Capitation/Donation is charged for admission to any programme at any institute of Symbiosis International University

Health Promoting Initiatives OMPI: Health & Wellness
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Your Programme Involves

One-to-One Tutorials

Remember you can ask for one of these too, when you feel you need it. This involves individual action planning and review, using information from yourself and others i.e. relevant staff including lecturers, college support staff (student support/welfare) etc. The aim is to provide students with an opportunity to both manage and develop confidence in their own learning, thus ensuring that they achieve their learning goals. Guidance and educational counseling are an essential part of a personal mentor’s role before, during and at the end of a student’s period of study at college.

Group Tutorials

Opportunities to learn new skills discuss and generate new ideas and perspectives. It’s also a time to meet new people! Monitoring progress as you are studying we expect that you will work hard to achieve your qualifications and that you will have a sense of responsibility for your work and your colleagues. However we are still responsible for notifying your parent/guardian of any issues in relation to:

  • Attendance
  • Punctuality
  • Behavior
  • Progress

The college has a number of systems in place to ensure that if you are not working to your full potential, than you get back on track with enough support system

Academic Meeting

During the year all staff will meet and discuss all students’ performance both academic and also looking at attendance, punctuality, behavior and attitude. The Academic Meeting will be held five times a year. From these meeting staff will make recommendations and suggestions for students to improve on their studies. Following each Academic meeting parents/guardians are notified of all decisions

Inter – Institute Programmes

Studying courses that will make you attractive to universities and others when you pass out from SCON. These are the extra hours given to you by other institutes to teach their specializations in a brief pattern.


One to one individual support or group support by specialized staff.

Parent’s Correspondence

Progress report of all the exams conducted in College as well the attendance report of the students will be intimated to the parents periodically through Parents Correspondence. If we have any particular concerns about you they will be contacted and requested to meet us

Various Academic Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Awards

Various awards like 100 % Attendance Award, All-rounder Award, Best bed Side Nurse Award, and many are given to encourage and appreciate the development of the student