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Health Promoting Initiatives OMPI: Health & Wellness
SIU Dubai                                            

Year Principal Investigator Co-Investigator Title of Project
2023-24 Dr. Jasneet Kaur Dr. Sheela Upendra, Dr. Sheetal Barde, Ms. Betsy Sara Zacharias “Understanding the Silent Crisis: An in-depth Exploration of Climate Change and Mental Health Challenges Among Farmers in Pune.”
2023-24 Dr. Sheetal Barde   Dr. Sheela Upendra, Dr. Jasneet Kaur, Ms. Betsy Sara Zacharias   “ Enhancing Cognitive Vitality: Exploring the Influence of Intergenerational Programs on Older Adults’ Cognitive Functioning.
2020-21 Dr Sonopant Joshi Dr Deepak Sethi Examining the ethical issues faced by health researchers, developing and testing a module to address these issues for its effectiveness.
2020-21 Dr Seeta Devi Akyana Dr. Sonopant Joshi, Dr. Sheela Upendra Retrospective And Prospective Study Model: Impact of Comorbidities on Outcome of Patients with COVID -19 disease and effect of follow up care module to reduce associated remote complications.
2017-18 Ms. Seeta Devi Akyana Ms. Manisha Mistry Effect of video assisted counselling regarding prevention and early detection of cervical cancer on willingness of women for cervical screening tests
2016-17 Dr. Joshi S. G Ms. Jasneet Kaur, Ms. Shital Waghmare, Mr. Mangesh Jabade, Ms. Ranjana Chavan Model on Antenatal care on selected parameters related to pregnancy outcome
2013-14 Mrs. Sheetal Barde Mrs. Sheela Upendra, Col Jayalakshmi N Effectiveness of Progressive muscle relaxation versus Music therapy on Anxiety among elderly residing at selected Geriatric homes at Pune city
2013-14 Mrs. Sheela Upendra Ms. Seeta Devi Efficacy of Training Module on Knowledge of Diabetes Care among Nurses of select hospitals in Pune City
2012-13 Mrs. Meenakshi Gijare Mr. Tom Johnson Effectiveness of planned health teaching regarding Patient safety curriculum on knowledge and practices of nursing students of selected establishment in the view to recommend necessary changes in the nursing curriculum of SIU