Objective:The overall aim of these programmes is to prepare graduate nurses for working as frontline workers in the clinical and community field and educational arena. The curriculum emphasizes on a holistic approach to nursing care, in order to ensure an all rounded and trained nursing professional who meets the international standards in terms of quality of education and service provided. This in totality ensures numerous career avenues for a SCON graduate in the healthcare industry across the world.

SCON is associated with major tertiary care hospitals of the city to provide the necessary "hands on" clinical and Para-clinical experience necessary for the students pursuing these hospital-based academic programmes. A formal Memorandum of Understanding has been signed with the major private as well as government hospitals in Pune for the same. Symbiosis College of nursing thus aims to create a benchmark in nursing education in India.


We believe that the world is one family and education is the right of every child of this country so that any level of education should equip the student to be able to gain fruitful employment along with providing an opportunity to continue education whenever possible. We also believe that education should be flexible enough to promote vertical and horizontal growth and mobility. We believe that the nurse educator's responsibility lies in providing the right experiences to the student and allowing them to explore and learn while enjoying the learning experience.

Orientation and Pedagogy

Orientation to the programme is offered in Induction programme for a period of two days. The programme is divided into theory and clinical blocks

Theory Block

The student is expected to attend the classes in the college or clinical campus as per the course structure. Lectures, lecture cum demonstration, seminars, discussions, panel discussion, field visits, programme instructions etc. are used in providing teaching learning experience.

Clinical Block

Students are posted to the various hospital settings and community set up as approved by the council and supervised clinical practice is implemented as designed in the curriculum. Students are expected to write patient oriented assignments as outlined in the programme structure.